Drilling Projects

  • For the last fourteen years, we have completed a number of projects and achieved great success. As one of the leading drilling companies in the Canada and the United States, More Core Diamond Drilling Services is committed to completing every project safely and successfully with great results to ensure our clients are confident in the company they have chosen.

Stewart, BC, (2016 - 2021)

Client: Tudor Gold Corp.

Fairbanks, AK, (2019 - 2021)

Client: SAM Alaska LLC

Fairbanks, AK, (2019 – 2021)

Client: Western Alaska Minerals

Stewart, BC, (2018 – 2021)

Client: StrikePoint Gold


Client: Blackwolf Copper & Gold Ltd.

Revelstoke, BC, (2019)

Client: Affinity Metals

Anchorage, AK, (2015 - 2019)

Client: WestMountain Gold Inc.

Cranbrook, BC, (2018)

Client: American Creek Resources Ltd.

Stewart, BC, (2010 – 2018)

Client: IDM Mining Ltd.

Princeton, BC, (2010 – 2018)

Client: Sego Resources

Sechelt, BC, (2017)

Client: BC Hydro

Prince Rupert, BC, (2016)

Client: Nexen Energy

Stewart, BC, (2016)

Client: Pretivm

Stewart, BC, (2015)

Client: Regional Power

Lima, Peru, (2012 – 2013)

Client: Agulia American Gold Corp.

Iskut, BC, (2019)

Client: Hawkeye Gold and Diamond Inc.

Lac du Bonnet, MB, (2019)

Client: Quantum Minerals Corp.

Stewart, BC, (2016)

Client: R & R Utilities

Prince Rupert, BC, (2014)

Client: TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

Prince Rupert, BC, (2014)

Client: Bechtel Ltd

Prince Rupert, BC, (2014)

Client: Woodside Energy

Prince Rupert, BC, (2014)

Client: Imperial Oil Resources

Southeast Alaska, (2014)

Client: UCOR Rare Metals Inc.

Kiruna, Sweden, (2012 – 2013)

Client: Avalon Minerals Ltd.

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