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More Core is uniquely suited to provide high quality geologic and geotechnical exploration drilling and insitu testing services on a variety of project types. We excel at limited- and difficult-access project locations as well as conventional access sites. Our equipment consists of purpose-built, robust, hydraulically driven, highly dependable units that are ideal for heli-portable slinging into difficult access terrain as well as truck- or track-mounted situations. Our drill rigs are built by Multipower Products in Kelowna, BC, and supporting Canadian and Pacific Northwest industry; also, parts and services have always been well supported and promptly supplied to ensure minimal project downtime.

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In addition to providing quality drilling equipment and exceptional coring capabilities, More Core also understands the geotechnical market and the importance of collecting quality geotechnical data for project design no matter where your site is located. Even though a site may be difficult to access and may require lightweight, portable drilling equipment, there is no reason to sacrifice quality geotechnical data. We recognize this challenge and continue to meet our Client’s needs by outfitting our rigs with quality geotechnical sampling and testing equipment in general conformance with relevant ASTM standards. For example, we provide a variety of geotechnical sampling equipment, including driven 35-mm inside diameter standard penetration test (SPT) samplers and 60-mm inside diameter split-spoon modified California samplers, thin-walled pushed Shelby tube samplers, and downhole insitu vane testing equipment.

Because we understand the necessity of quality geotechnical samples for project and foundation design, we strive to provide samplers in good condition; our driven samplers are equipped with sampler shoes in general conformance with ASTM standards rather than shoes that are bent, dull, or worn which can negatively affect blowcount data.

In addition to quality samplers, we have equipped our rigs with hydraulically activated 63.5kg (140-pound) automatic trip hammers with a free fall height of 76 cm (30 inches) to help collect quality soil consistency and density data in general accordance with ASTM D1586. The automatic trip hammers used by More Core provide consistent results in general accordance with ASTM standards unlike winch-activated hammers, which provide very inaccurate free-fall heights as well as poor hammer efficiency. In addition to the consistent results provided by the automatic trip hammer, there are no wireline cables or ropes used in the hammering operation, providing for a safer sampling operation as well as the elimination of the opportunity for cables to become lodged in sheaves during sampling.

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In addition to our driven and pushed sampling capabilities, we own and operate new downhole vane testing equipment to evaluate the insitu shear strength of cohesive soil materials in general conformance with ASTM D2573. Our downhole vane equipment is equipped to test insitu shear strength and remolded shear strength of soft, medium stiff, and stiff cohesive soils to depths of about 30m. Additionally, the vane is equipped with a digital load cell to provide quick and accurate readouts; no more rotating paper charts.

Most importantly, we realize that quality drilling services do not rest with our equipment alone. We are pleased to provide our Clients with very experienced, knowledgeable, safety conscious drilling staff on all our projects who take pride in their work and who strive to exceed project expectations safely. Further, our field drilling staff are backed with the support of our HSE advisors, drilling superintendents, mechanics, and office and warehouse staff.

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