Boart Longyear 38 (x2)

The biggest drills in our fleet, these drills are called on when our customers need consistent, reliable power.



Hydracore (x1)

It is mainly for drilling NQ holes to about 2000 feet, but it can also drill HQ to 1000 feet or BQ to 4000.



Multipower Discovery I (x3)
Multipower Discovery II (x4)

Multi-Power’s unique line of Discovery core drills are modular in design and are very versatile and easily adaptable to situations in the field. With two main models the Discovery line can cover hole requirements as small as AQ and up to HQ. One of the most valuable features of the Discovery core drills is their ability to be quickly converted into RC (reverse circulation) drilling packages.



Zinex A-5

The model A5 is designed to be broken down quickly and easily for heli-moves. The disassembled drill is light enough to be moved using a Hughes 500D machine.