Our Team

Sean Pownall: President/Owner
  • Sean P. Pownall is the Owner/President of More Core Diamond Drilling. He began his Company in 2006. His many years of experience, training, and travelling contributed to his keen understanding of the many aspects to running a company in this industry..
  • Sean began his career in the drilling industry at a very early age, as his family background was mining industry driven. After high school Sean focused on work; this focus and drive resulted in great milestones for Sean. By the age of 21, he was promoted to Foreman for a successful mining company. This led him on his journey, including work in the various parts of Northern BC and the Yukon, as well as overseas to Mexico, South America and Sweden, to name a few..
  • Mr. Pownall began More Core Diamond Drilling with two drills and a desire to become a major participant in the drilling industry. His company is team- driven, and now has 100+ employees with 14 drills available to fulfill the various types of drilling needs, worldwide.
Kevin McCrory: VP, Marketing & Operations
  • Mr. McCrory started out as a driller’s helper and then became a driller in the Yukon between 1976 and ’79.
  • From ’79 to ’85, Kevin worked in mining exploration, claim staking, drilling and blasting, line cutting, mineral development , and exploration property evaluation.
  • From ’86-’91 Kevin ran McCrory Expediting, the largest expediting company in the Yukon, a major supplier to Geddes Resources and Windy Craggy Project and various exploration projects in the Yukon and North BC.
  • ’92 to ’96 he did mineral exploration in Venezuela and Bolivia
  • ‘96 to ’07, Kevin did private consulting to the mineral industry, property valuations and logistics.
  • Mr. McCrory joined More Core in 2007 as Vice- President, Explorations and Corporate Development.
  • His 30+ Years in the industry affords him a wealth of knowledge and contacts.
Sheldon Czarnocki: Operations Managers
  • As one of More Core first employees, Sheldon has brought his 33 years of experience with him.
  • Prior to his career in Diamond drilling, he had worked extensively in the oil patch from rough neck to drill management.
  • Mr. Czarnocki has extensive knowledge in different drill operations; skid, helicopter, underground and has operated over 35 different kinds of drills.
  • Sheldon has worked in all of aspect of drill operations; from truck driving to mechanic, site preparation to Foreman and Operations Manager for the last fifteen years.
Devin Smith: Business Manager, Accounts Payable and Purchasing
  • Prior to joining More Core, Devin worked for 22 years as an Operations Analyst for various NASA contractors at the Huntsville Operations Control Center complex in Huntsville AL. He also served in the United States Air Force from ‘84 to ’88.
  • Mr. Smith is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, as well as attending a Payroll Compliance Legislation Course.
  • Devin is our business Manager. He works with the Main Office staff as well as the Foremen and Driller’s for Mobilization and the expedition of equipment to the Job site.
Teri Gartrell: Financial Administrator
  • Ms. Gartrell joined More Core Diamond Drilling in August of 2011 bringing with her 5 years of experience in the Mineral Exploration field.
  • Teri worked as a Geo-Tech for Ascot Resources and as an Office Administrator for Mountain Boy Minerals.
  • As well, she worked as a Business Manager for a busy car dealership and has four years of experience as a Customer Service Representative for CIBC in the South Okanagan.
  • Teri currently holds her St. John’s Ambulance Level III Occupational Health and Safety First Aid Ticket, as well as attending a Payroll Compliance Legislation Course.
Tara Woloschuk: Payroll Department
  • Mrs. Woloschuk is our newest addition to the MoreCoreTeam, joining us in May of 2012.
  • Tara brings with her over twenty years of extensive experience in Accounting and Customer Service.
  • She also has experience in the Management and Ownership of a small business and has been a welcome addition to the Team.
  • Tara’s experience and history will serve as a great addition to the Payroll Department team.